Final Plans for Tuesday

CUPE 441 Members,

Here are the plans and advice from CUPE for tomorrow.

I have been told to advise you to show up for work and be ready for work. Now see rule # 1 below.

Rule #1: CUPE does not cross any Unions picket line and there must be a picket line present for us not to report to work.

We have picket captains in place at each site. Please sign in and out after your 4 hour picketing duty. Please spread out over the two shifts of 7am-11am and 11am-3pm. This is a teachers strike and as we have a contract we MUST not be on the line if they are not present.  We are there in a supporting role only but must do picketing duties to collect strike pay.  DO NOT be on the line if for some reason teachers lines go down. No CUPE sign will have the word Strike on it OR anything inappropriate. Do not speak with any media but refer them to the Captain who will give them my contact number.

We are supporting the teachers as much as we are advancing our OWN cause. Never does a Union get to show its organization and willingness to stand up for what is right 1 month before their contract runs out and 1 week prior to opening provincial bargaining. Lets make a good show of it as our efforts will be observed.

Detailed information is in the package at each site. If for some reason you can not picket, email Nathan Stevens at There may be some alternative duties to picketing that you can do to help that would also draw strike pay.

Afternoon captains please collect the signs and packages and make arrangements to get it back to the morning captains.

I would ask the custodians to please do the later shift of 11-3. NO we do NOT go to work after the teacher’s picket lines go down.

Strike pay issues will be discussed at the next executive meeting. Please look for a motion on the agenda and show up at the next general membership meeting in June.

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