Thank You

CUPE 441 members,

Thank you to all who took part in today’s support picketing.  No CUPE 441 members crossed the teacher picket lines.

We took note of any coverage issues that cropped up today and we now know where to deploy members from other sites.

Special thanks to…

Pascal Raven who has been doing his picketing duty by updating our website. You will find now at a copy of the current collective agreement with changes in bold, information on pensions, up to date communications, etc.   More to come soon.

To the members of Kelset, Claremont, Stellys, Royal Oak and Parkland who came out in numbers as well as the willingness of Shannon of the maintenance department, Kelset and Claremont members to be redeployed to sites that were less well attended. WAY TO GO!  The teachers did notice your efforts and it picked up their spirits.  If in the near future we need them, I’m sure they will be there for us should we need them in the near future. I am sure I missed some as this is hour 14 of my day.

Kelly Bourke and Wendi Marshall for their quickly organized on the fly coffee and doughnuts rounds’ also for taking the little ones with them on their site visits. Who’s spirit wouldn’t be picked by those two? Quote of the day goes to 4 year old Ieila “When is this doughnut party over?”

To the  nearly the entire custodial department who walked the line today and stepped up to the plate at many sites to be picket captain.

To all the picket captains that stepped up and kept our support lines going seamlessly.

VP Nathan Stevens who spent his weekend organising today and for taking my talking to him while he was on the phone, also for being on the lines from before 7am until the last teacher line went down at Prospect Lake at 7:30pm

Membership Secretary Jaqueline Peacock for organising and updating our site books and lending her skills to the effort this weekend.

The executive members for stepping in where asked to.

Those that agreed to fill the holes if needed next week, please email Nathan at with your preferred site.

If I missed anyone I will thank you personally.

Best sign award

1st runner up sign goes to a John Vuko of Claremont. I can’t show it as it is not in keeping with our no inappropriate signs policy… but very clever John.

The unknown Parkland student who made up the above gets first place.


Just one bit of advice from our observations of the day, you MUST show up for your shift ready to work, even if you are not going to picket, show up and sign in with the picket captain. If questioned by the employer, we have a record that you showed up for work.

Rule #1: CUPE does not cross any Unions picket line and there must be a picket line present for us not to report to work.

I will leave it there for now but as soon as I hear what the teachers’ future plans past Thursday’s labour board hearings, I will let you know.

In Solidarity,

Dean Coates