Monday, June 2


We have all already heard that next Monday Sannich will be again behind STA picket lines.  Please see the BCTF schedule for next week. We are also waiting to see what the results are of today’s meetings at the labour board between the BCFT and BCPSEA.

See an important CUPE news bulletin here.

Late shift picket captains from yesterday should be getting the packages and signs to their early shift captains. Please contact Nathan at  to confirm you have the package and if you need any supplies refreshed.

Bolds in question

Picketing Captains        7-11 shift                  11-3 shift    Bolds  are in question

Bayside                        Darren Smith             Darrell Strocen

Brentwood                    Trevor Smith              Peter Wong

CDC                             Christine Gaudet       Yuri L.?  
(seeking alternative)

Claremont                     Brenda Davies          Shawn Braun?

Cordova bay                  Ruth Cartwright        Doug Elinski

Deep Cove                    Debra Cornish          Jack Johnson

ILC ( Saanichton )         Jacquline P.?          Connor Dixon?
(broadmead closed)  
(seeking alternative)

Keating                          Fred Tutte?            Cam Wist
(seeking alternative)

Kelset                           Leanna Shields        Susanne  Child

Lochside                       Pat Tutte                 Ian Nash

North Saanich               Dorine P?               Shane Power

Parkland                       Sue Lawes               Gerry Dorman

Prospect Lake               Lorna M.?               Mike Ward
(seeking alternative)

Royal Oak                    Laurie L.                   Mike Forrester

Sidney                         Diane Inouve             Christina Day

Stelly’s                        Don Connors             Rafe Sunshine

Sides (Wilkinson)         Warren White            Leslie Gentle
(Beaver lake closed)

SBO/Physical Plant      Robert Pang             Herman K.
(Dean 6-7am)

We will once again ask members at sites like Claremont, Parkland and Stelly’s to redeploy to smaller sites should the need arise on Monday.

I will again ask Wendi and Kelly to host the “doughnut party”  in the south end and will get a North end crew together.  Pascal will continue with to work on our website and we are working on alternative duties for others.

Would Childcare help you to attend the picketing?  If so, email me and if their are enough we will try and arrange childcare duties as an alternative duties for those that are willing. Anyone qualified that would be willing to child mind as an alternative to picketing should also contact Nathan.

We will need to postpone Tuesday nights Exec meeting and the planned June 7thmembership meeting.

On top of the current uncertainty June 1st marks the beginning of the 2014/15 staffing process in our collective agreement. Many members will be receiving lay-off notices today and tomorrow. Lets support each other to the best of our abilities.

Monday I also go over to Vancouver (after 3pm) to prepare for our provincial bargaining that starts the next day. Lets show our support for our provincial bargainingon Monday. This round is the unlike any other for addressing our low wages. I make no promises but from my confidential bargaining committee work I can say this is our best chance EVER.  I will be available by phone for very limited times from June 2nd after 3pm until June 5th at 5pm. Your stewards are always available to help.

On a final note I hear many of you have expressed your outrage to the employer after my email titled “No site visits”.  I certainly appreciate the support but I ask for your patience and restraint as we try and work through this difficult matter of seeking pre-approvals for site visits and dispersing information on employer premises.