IE Claims and Summer Work


I’m afraid I don’t have much news for you on the BCTF strike.  Things are very fluid in in the current situation but I will contact you through this email once I have something solid to report.

Many of you have contacted me with one of two question over the past couple of days. First I apologies for not answer the many phone messages and email I have received over the past couple days. I am here in Vancouver still and have had very little opportunity to attend to emails and phone calls.

The following are just my thoughts on the two issues as I also haven’t had time to research and confirm my assertions.

Summer work

IF the BCTF was to escalate their job action in June I believe since teachers don’t work past June 30th that their job action would cease the last day of school. Picketing by teachers in the Summer months would not make sense and would be extremely unlikely. The more likely would be that IF their job action was to extend past the last day of school that action would cease in the summer months then if no settlement was forthcoming in July or August that action would pick up back up in September.

EI claims  

We are waiting to hear some official word from CUPE but off the top of my head I would say that the BCTF job action would have no effect on summer EI claims. The employer would still be obliged to proved you with your record of employment ( ROE) so you can start your claim. It might be that it is processed by management and it isn’t a normal duty for them so that isn’t to say that there wouldn’t be errors made.

As for claims in June IF the teachers escalate the chances of a succesful claim for those date are extremely unlikely.

I hope this help and I will confirm this all by Monday.