Correction and BCTF Job Action


BCTF Job Action

We all know the the BCTF are conducting a second strike vote. Their vote is to decide on escalation of their job action UP TO and including a full scale strike. That does not necessarily mean that it would be a full scale strike, just that it could be.  We should know the results of their vote tonight and what their plans are sometime tomorrow.   BCPSEA has preemptively gone to the labour board to seek essential service orders for teachers but also for CUPE members that supervise students or support students with special needs.

We did receive an ESO today but it is in case of recess or lunch time picketing by the BCTF.  I have spoken with Mark Skanks STA President and he has told me that at this point he has no intention of setting up recess and lunch pickets. Just like us his executive is meeting tonight and he has assured me that if thing change on that issue he will let me know.


I hope you will forgive the two errors I made in my email that walked through the tentative frame work agreement. There was a lot of back and forth on the two issues and in my sleep deprived state I was work off the wrong document

Item 7 in the agreement

First had to do with the LIF monies.  Our dramatic increase to the SSLIF does not begin July 1,2014 it starts July 1, 2015. Everything else I wrote about it remains the same.  To start in 2014 with monies that have already been budgeted for would create a huge mess and so it was agreed to start in 2015.

Item 11 in the agreement

I want to give you some clarity on the item and to correct a error to increase timing that brings our wages up. There are about 1700 different job description and 60 school district across the province. It is a monumental task to create a standard provincial job evaluation plan. They would have to group and correlate all the job descriptions, set benchmarks and decide on whether it made sense to approach the issue regionally or provincially. This is why it would take upwards of 3 years to complete just that part.

Item 12 in the agreement

This is the were the increase come from that fund our jobs up to the benchmarks that are created above I estimated that in year 3 we would see incremental increase to get us to our goal.  The agreed language clearly states implementation of the ongoing funds of 900,000 per year (provincially) begins on January 2, 2019.  What remains unclear to me is if the one time funding of 1,000,000 from SSEAC is released at the same time or as it becomes available. I will seek John’s advice.