Friday and Monday

Local 441 Members,

I have had a brief discussion with the STA regarding Friday and Monday.

Friday will be a normal picketing day so we will be honouring the lines as per normal.  I will send out another email about our plans later once I have heard back from the picket captains to ensure they have their packages and signs and are ready to go for7am.  We do need a volunteer captain for the 7-11 shift at Prospect Lake.

Monday from what I understand so far is a province wide study session for the BCTF. This means that they are withdrawing their services but NOT putting up picket lines on Monday. We have a contract and are not in a job action position, since there will be no picket lines on Monday all CUPE members work their regular shift on Monday.  There may be a rally so if you are off shift on Monday I invite you to join the rally and wear a CUPE support sign.

Beyond Monday is still unknown.

I am back in Vancouver for a K-12 Presidents’ Council meeting Monday and Tuesday next week.

Please watch for my email later today