Essential Services and Picketing

CUPE 441 Members,

Bellow are some of the members required to perform essential services for the exams. Upon arriving at the work site you will encounter picket lines. Please do NOT park in the school parking lot and report to the teachers picket captain who has this list a to receive a pass to enter the work site.

EA’s doing adjudication should arrive 5 minutes prior to the exams start time and leave the site immediately after the exam and report to the teachers picket captain that you have left the site. If you are scheduled for more than 1 exam in a day in a day leave the site for the in between times. Click here for the list.

Understand that in and ESO the Union and not the employer decide on who goes in and does the actual dispatching once we see the accounting of the excluded staffs 60 hour work week. I was in Vancouver so this was not done to the letter but I am back now and the exec ranks are full again.

We are waiting on the essential bus driver list at the moment.

We have agreed to three 4 hour custodians at each of the high schools for 4-8pm. This is under review as to whether or not we provide it next week. As there will likely be a dispute as to whether or not on-call members receive the employee support grant I have asked that the three senior on-call custodians be used to complete this work. You are NOT there to start summer clean up work. You are there to ensure a sanitary environment is maintained for the exams period. Bathrooms, garbage, and touch areas being used by students in the course of completing exams. Please contact me if you are directed to do otherwise.

Tech’s have already been directed what to do and it has been agreed on by the Union for now, pending review on Friday.

Payroll is also under review.

All members that are deemed essential report in and out to the teacher picket captain so that you may be checked off their list. Otherwise you will be added to the crossed the picket line list.

IF PICKET LINES AT YOU SITE GO DOWN PRIOR TO THE END OF YOU SHIFT YOU DO NOT GO TO WORK. If there is a line at your site when you report for work either join the line or leave the day. Obviously I would prefer you joined the line as it is the only way to collect strike pay.