Letter from CUPE BC re Marking Exams and Inputting

Hello Members

We have received the following email from CUPE regarding Marking Exams and Inputting. Hopefully this will clarify questions some of you have been asking.

——– Original message ——-

Numerous Districts are attempting to have our people perform exam marking or inputting of marks into the EDAS system. They are doing this either unilaterally or are attempting to get Locals to agree to it under the ESO.

Marking exams and inputting those marks are not part of the CUPE ESO. They are referred to in the BCTF ESO and specifically removed from the teachers ESO duties. In the BCTF ESO it requires excluded staff to be utilized to the best extent possible to perform duties such as these.

The CUPE position is:

·        We are not required to perform these duties as part of any ESO.

·        If our members normally perform these duties and their normal work location is not behind a picket line – they may continue to perform their normal duties, but they must not do more than normal to compensate for the absence of the teachers due to their strike.

·        We will not agree to move our members to avoid a picket line so they can perform these duties.

Any questions please consult with your National Rep.

John Horsfield
Rob Hewitt