Strike Pay Cheques

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters!

We will be issuing Strike Pay cheques on Friday, June 27th at the STA office located behind Keating Elementary School. We will send further information with regards to location and parking later this week. Carpool where possible.

Each member must sign for their own cheque. Unfortunately we cannot issue the cheque to anyone else but you.

For those members whose last official day of work would have been Thursday, June 26th you must mark Last Day on your picket sign-in sheet on Thursday when signing out. For these members only, cheques will be available for pick-up from 9am-12 noon on Friday. You should not picket on Friday or in the future as you will have to declare that time on your Employment Insurance claim.

For those members whose contracts continue past Friday and beyond, please picket the early shift 7am-11am on Friday so that we can include this shift on your cheque. Your cheques will be available from 1-4pm.

For information on Strike Pay click here.

Jacqueline for Dean