NONE of our work sites will be behind picket lines tomorrow. For those of us that work into the summer we are expected to be at work on time. If at any point over the summer you encounter a teachers picket line  DO NOT cross it. Hopefully I will get some advanced warning if the BCTF decides to put up their lines again before September so I can get the message out.

The chances are very high that this dispute will carry on in September. We have already spoken to many of you on the lines about rolling over our c/a so that we go straight to ratification of the provincial package and the consensus has been overwhelmingly in favour of the idea. We will likely hear back from the employer by the end of the week whether or not they are in agreement.

Thank you to all the members who took part in picketing. For those that could not make it to pick up their strike pay we will announce another pick time once we have it planned.