SIDES Update #2


I just got off the phone with Mark Skanks the STA President and I am very pleased to report the there will NOT be picket lines in front of SIDES for the next 7 weeks. I think you will all join me in being thankful that our Sisters and Brothers at SIDES will be able to work just like the rest of us.

The STA executive past a motion that they will not picket out SIDES for July and August, with the proviso the no STA member will work on new registrations from July 14th on.

No CUPE member should be doing any of this STA stuck work as that would be viewed as the same as crossing their picket line.  It is my understanding that excluded staff will be doing the work normally done by the teachers with the students that register from today, July 14th until unknown.

CUPE staff will of course still provide all the normal services they normally do with all registered students, but no more. There is however one exception. The details on how the SIDES systems will flag and separate the two different tracks for our students go through from now until ????? has yet to be worked out. In the interests of making this work CUPE staff should provide services and help in the creation of the system that will separate the current registrations for the new and provide any reasonable CUPE functions that this system might create. This exception is not ideal but it does keep all of our members working and earning.

I sincerely hope the roller coaster ride the SIDES staff and the CUPE executive have been on over the past few days now over for the the rest of the summer.  I am however still not prepared to say 100% that there will be no picket lines in front of any of our various work sites, including SIDES, this summer


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