STA Job Action Tuesday and Thursday


This Tuesday and Thursday the STA will be picketing at the SBO. They will NOT be picketing out all sites as is being done in other school districts.

As there will be no picket lines at the schools those who work at those sites work as normal.

The SBO and Physical plant staff are the only members  picketed out.

As part of our mediated settlement we agreed that 4 members of the SBO staff would work during STA job action and will get a pass from the teachers to go into work during the current job action. They are Rhonda, Anita, Dorota and Lesley W.

You should not be asked to work from another worksite to avoid picket lines. If the stars align and all 3 parties to our agreement, CUPE, BCPSEA and the Saanich Board of education have all ratified our contract prior to next payroll being processed you should be paid as per the employee support grant. If not it would be paid out within 30 days of ratification with the other 13 days from June. I will do my best to make it happen for this pay period but I can’t make any promissies