Plans for Tuesday & Thursday


We will be putting up support lines with the STA on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. There will only be lines up at the SBO. Even if you do not work there you can do picketing duty at this site. This is a continuation of the same BCTF job action and as such you would draw what ever level of strike pay you ended at in June. The job action days are cumulative with August 25th being day 14 of job action in Saanich.

Days 1-2 that you picket  $0.00
Days 3-9 that you picket  $15.00/day from CUPE BC
Day 10 and beyond that you picket $15.00 from CUPE BC and $60.00 = $75 per day

A day is a 4 hour picketing shift and we must show that you did 20 hours in the same week to get any of your money from CUPE National or the BC division. During the weeks where there is no job action every day, as in the rotating strike weeks and this week, the 4 hours per day accumulates and we can get your money,

It looks as if this is going to be a long job action so I strongly advise members that have not yet put in their first 9 days to use this opportunity to move towards the $75 per day. On-call members in particular should take this advice as the employee support grant money negotiated in the provincial framework agreement will be very difficult to attain for unscheduled hours. Picketing may be your only source of income and the only way to get to the $75 per day level is to do the first 9 days as laid out above.

For those members not on EI in the summer and at the $75 level already, why not come out and show your support while making $150??  Fred Tutte will be at the SBO with sign in sheets and signs.

We have a goodwill agreement with the employer that 4 of our members at the SBO will continue to work during the teacher’s job action. They should check in with the STA picket captain as they go in to work. Since the rest of the sites will be open and fully functioning I have also agreed with the employer to sending the tech department staff for on-call emergency repairs just as we always do with trades. These members should also check in with STA picket captain if they are called in.