Friday Sept 5, 2014


As most of you have already heard this coming Friday Sept 11, 2014 the STA will be holding a study session.  This means that they will not be working but, also not picketing our sites. In the absence of the teacher picket lines, we the CUPE support staff, work our regular shifts on Friday as if school was in session as normal.
We have a contract and we are not in a strike position. therefore NO CUPE MEMBER WILL PICKET AT ANY OF OUR SITES ON FRIDAY!

On call members will likely not get called out for a shift for this one day. We did find an alternative to picket duty for our on call members so they can collect their strike pay for that day. After their study session the teachers will hold another Honk Fest. This time the Honk Fest will be on the Mary Winspear Centre lawn (beside the highway) in Sidney. I will be there with signs and sign up sheets at 11:30am. This, unfortunately, is the only site and time that you can do this alternative picket duty on Friday Sept 11th. It does have the bonus of being a short shift as we will take it down with the teachers. Carpool were possible. I can take 3 people in the south end on my way there and return you.


From the previous email I should clarify that the employer was not taking attendance. They no longer expect us to report for work at the start of our shift to physically see that there is a picket line on days we know well in advance that there will be picketing. Friday Sept 11th though you should report for work on time as there will NOT be a picket line that day.  In the absence of a picket line we MUST work.