Good News


We have heard, unofficially, that BCPSEA has ratified our collective agreement as of today.  It is my, and the employer’s understanding that since this news comes prior to the current pay period ending date of Sept 13th that the whole pay period will be paid out as if we had worked it. Any shifts normally scheduled between Aug 31 and Sept 13 should be paid out on the Sept 19th pay day.

The pay from the earlier strike days from May-Aug 30th, lost to teachers job action, will be reimbursed to you within 30 days.

We also got word today that CUPE will continue to pay strike pay to those who picket up to and including the Sept 19th pay day. Please continue to picket and go to your nearest site. Thank you to those who have agreed on the line today to redeploy to other, less well attended sites.

We will have more on picketing once we have the plans all worked out, but for now we thought it best to get this message out ASAP.