Employer Directive

I apologizes for the multiple emails at this hour but there is a lot of important information to distribute tonight.

I have pasted another email from the employer below. You will see that the directive includes checking your work email prior to your shift start. Normally we would vigorously oppose this on your behalf. However it is a very reasonable trade off considering the model in the Sooke District of having reporting at their work site daily to physically see that there is a picket line and roll call being taken.

I have already thanked the employer on your behalf for their more than reasonable approach to this matter.

For those that have taken my advise and ceased opening their work email altogether to avoid the stress of the conflict between honouring the teachers job action and answering the “one little question” emails, we will also be using our system to send out the same notice.


Last one for the night

Hello everyone.
This is a quick message for CUPE staff in assignments to clarify our expectations regarding reporting for work during the strike .
At this time the STA has advised the employer of their intent to maintain daily pickets at school district sites. We appreciate that the STA will make every effort to provide the employer with as much advance notice as possible in the event that pickets are withdrawn at any or all work sites. With this assurance, all CUPE employees in assignments are not expected to report to their work sites for the start of their shift while pickets are up.   On a daily basis (and before the start of your regular shift), please check both your SD Zimbra email account and the district website at www.sd63.bc.ca for employer updates.  If there is the possibility that pickets will not be up at some or all locations we will ask you to report to your work site and either report for work if the pickets are down,  or check in with an administrator or manager if the pickets are up.
If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.
Thank you.
Mark Fraser