ESG and Strike Pay Clarification


We are thrilled that the employer has released the employee support grant money for the job disruption day prior to Sept 2, 2014 immediately upon completion of the ratification process. Deposit will be in your account Friday Sept 12. This came as a wonderful surprise but it make it necessary to amend a previous email from us regarding strike pay eligibility.

The ruling from CUPE was that strike pay continues until we receive the employee support grant. Those that will now receive ESG on Sept 12th and not Sept 19th are no longer eligible to receive strike pay after Thursday Sept 11, 2014. This members have been made whole and will now, as negotiated by your Union, receive full pay as if you were working while honouring the BCTF picket lines. Consider your strike pay as the full pay you will now receive from the employer.

We apologize for the confusion around collecting strike pay and the Employee Support Grant. We thought the ESG was not going to be paid out until September 19th when our regular payroll was to start, and that members could collect strike pay until that date.

Members without current assignments (temp or on-call members) who are not being paid should continue to picket and will receive strike pay. You must do picketing duties for a minimum of 20 hour per week to qualify. We are at the very beginnings of a dispute with BCPSEA to get ESG money paid to you and as you have not received any ESG money you remain qualified for strike pay.

We encourage ALL members to continue to support the teachers on the picket line.  The only reason you are getting full pay despite honouring the teachers’ job action and not working is that they are on those lines. We certainly don’t expect the full 20 hours per week of duty from members not receiving strike pay, but please try to get out to the lines for as much time as you can to show our support and keep up their morale.

If you are posted into a position and receiving ESG payments do not sign-in on the picket duty sheets.

If you are not in a posting and not receiving pay currently make sure to sign in and out to be eligible for strike pay.

Watch for further information regarding cheque distribution for strike pay up to September 11th, on Friday morning.