Welcome Wagon Winners

I have been asked to forward these through our system so CUPE members can see who won the raffle prizes.

The winners of today’s raffle are:
Mike Forrester: 2 lbs of level ground beans donated by an anonymous teacher
Ruth Wadsworth: 1 lb of Fresh Cup beans with a $25 gift certificate: www.freshcup.ca
Helga Robson: sterling silver earrings by Tamara Scott
Sandi Johnson: sterling silver earrings by Tamara Scott
Don Connors: water colour art cards made and donated by Melanie Spencer
Holly Mair: water colour art cards made and donated by Melanie Spencer
Allison Briggs: 1 lb of honey donated by Ian Cooper (perhaps because he has won twice!)
Kim Andiel: 2 books Science Fiction books donated by Promontory Press www.ihpg.ca
Andrea Martin: 1.5lbs of Purdy’s Chocolates donated by anonymous
Jenaka Lynch: 12 Cobs of silver rill corn donated by Sally Glen
Valerie Shantz: Cherry Port donated by Nadine Stofer
Joyce Manning: Chocolate Port donated by Nadine Stofer
Cathy Sihoe: Blackberry Port and chocolate donated by Anne-Marie Labrecque
Leila Sinclair-Wise: A bag of fresh caught and vacuum packed salmon donated by Mike Hilleren owner of Seawolf Fishing Charters and Marine Charters
Wanda Hockey: 4 Cans of Tuna

All these prizes will be sent out in the morning Welcome Wagon run.

Tomorrow’s raffles are:

2 apple pies with caramel sauce baked by Colette Caron

4 cans of tuna from Habourview Enterprises
3 necklaces from Julia Marshall
Massage donated by Allay Massage (sorry it is not unlimited)
Brownies made by Alison Cuthill
$100 from CUPE
4 gift cards from the CO-OP
The CO-OP cards were donated by a parent to the School Board Office line, but we do not know the amount of each card.

Friday’s featured candy: Friday Mixup!
Lemonade Consumption To Date: 170 litres (810 cups)
Today’s Lemonade Consumption: 27.5 litres (110 cups)