2 Updated LOU’s


Please se the Updated Christmas operations LOU here It is based on the previous agreement that we operated on in the past couple of years. Those who normally work at this time continue to have the option of working on what used to be shutdown days. We are very pleased to say that this long standing issue appears to be totally resolved..

I also signed the updated Spring Closure week 2015 LOU.  You will notice some change to how it has been done in previous years. There will no longer be a bank that shows on your pay stub and the time will be much more on the honour system. You do not enter this time on your time sheets. Those who have not had a position since September should pay particular attention to points 7 and 8 of the LOU and the proration of the pay out during the shut down week. There is no longer the pay back / pay out in June but during the actual pay period in which the shutdown week occurs in March.

This new LOU simplifies funtions in payroll and puts the onus on the managers and AO’s to manage this work time.