K-12 Support Staff Job Evaluation Committee Bulletin No. 1


Please see the bellow message from our K-12 coordinators. Unfortunately there are not a lot of details but it is good news as it shows that the work of the provincial JE committee (this moves us towards wage parity) is well underway. They have agreed to the terms of references and once they have collected all the job descriptions from around the province they can begin work on the next phase of their important work. That being to create a common job descriptions that meets the needs of all the employers and locals. After that they can begin setting benchmarks, ratings, etc…

Again this is at least a 2 year process and from what I have seen so far it is on track.



The provincial Support Staff Job Evaluation Committee, created in accordance with the June 7, 2014 Provincial Framework Agreement, is pleased to report the work of the Committee has commenced.

 Please find attached Bulletin No. 1 from the Support Staff Job Evaluation Committee that was issued Thursday, January 21, 2016.

Please note: The bulletin has been sent to all School Districts and it is the School Districts’ responsibility to send in job descriptions, not the Locals.

In solidarity,

John Horsfield and Kevin Rose

CUPE K-12 Coordinators