Feb 12 Curriculum Implementation


This is a Reminder regarding the curriculum implementation day thisFriday Feb 12. Below is part of an email previously sent out. These days are not part of your two ProD days afforded to you in the collective agreement. The ProD days are completely separate from these two working days and should not be considered as such.  Anyone in a posted position be it continuing or temporary should be working their regular shift on theses two days. Some of you may have asked for the day off and although I may not understand why you would if approved by your manager/principal leave without pay or vacation is available.

For clerical and EA members your stewards Christine and Rhonda I believe are working on trying to work on securing extra in service training for those that are not taking part in the curriculum implementation discussions in April.

As part of a settlement, around the new curriculum, with the BCTF there are two extra non instructional days this school year. The attached letter from the employer, which you may have already received, will explain how it will or will not effect you.

Anyone in a posted position or in a on-call assignment straddling one or both of the days (Feb 21, 2016 and April 11, 2016) will work. These two days only will not be considered non-instructional days for the purpose of your assignments.

On-call members that are not assigned will obviously not get a call out on these two days. You will notice in the attached letter that I did secure assurance that these reduced opportunities will not “directly” cause you to lose your benefits. Meaning that they are considered as part of the benefits threshold proration language in our collective agreement in Article 1.03(b)(1).