SD #63 CUPE Local 441 Extended Health Provincial Standardized Plan Comparison


As part of the provincial framework agreement we have the option of joining the Extended Health Provincial Standardized Plan.  We will be making this decision at the general membership meeting on April 16 th in the Ridge Theatre at Claremont Secondary School 10am. This standardized plan would be an improvement to most areas of our extended health plan like doubling of our vision care to $400 every 2 year including prescription sunglasses, eye exams, orthotics, oral contraceptives, in home nursing care, hearing aids, no maximum lifetime limit and no age limits. However as we are currently at the higher end provincially when it comes to paramedical coverage, for us, some areas decrease in maximum yearly limits. To give you some advanced information please see the attached side by side comparison

Over the next weeks I will visiting the sites at lunch to answer questions that you may have but the decision and debate will happen at the April 16thmeeting. We encourage all of you to come and take part in this important decision. If we opt in the new plan would take effect Sept 1, 2016.

Here is another document that shows local by local cost increases to the employers (funded). It may not be important to you in order to make the decision but it will show you how varied the benefits plans from district to district are and why this standard plan doesn’t improve across the board for us in Saanich.  The standardized plan is set up just as the teachers standard plan was in that 80% of the locals are expected to opt in as the plan would be an improvement to their current plan. The 3.28% increase in Saanich shows that we are at the high end of the 80% expected to opt in. Hence the tough decision and need for membership debate.