February Meeting February Meeting and Temporary Employee Entitlements

Happy New Year colleagues.

Our first general meeting of 2017 will be on Saturday, February 18 at the CUPE portable, Brentwood Elementary at 10:00.  The Agenda will follow.

Click here for a list of our 2017 meeting dates  and click here for an updatedexcecutive contact list.

Dean Coates, and Loree Wilcox, CUPE National Representative, worked with Paul Standring, Director, Human Resources to improve the clarity and understanding of the nuances of our collective agreement for temporary employees.
The attached letter regarding Entitlements of Temporary Employees identifies those contract articles that convey entitlements or benefits to temporary employees beyond those that are specified in Article 1.03 of the collective agreement. This information is complicated by the various types of temporary employees that work for the district.  The table will not solve matters of interpretation, but it should assist in determining what does and what does not apply to temporary employees.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Jacqueline Peacock
Membership Secretary