Medical Certificates

CUPE Local 441 Members,

Please take special note of this important message from the CUPE Local 441 Union executive

It had come to the Union’s attention that some of you have been told that the employer is no longer accepting prescription pad notes as an acceptable form of medical certificate for absences in excess of three days. On Oct 4, 2017 the Union has filed a policy grievance on behalf of the Local.

If you have already been asked to do this and have submitted a employer form we ask that you contact your shop steward to convey the details and any written communication that may help the case.

If you are given a direct order to have this form completed the do it then grieve it rule applies. Make the appointment and contact your shop steward.

Understand the the employer does not get to ask for nor do they ever need a diagnosis. That is personal and confidential information that we can not advise you strongly enough to keep between you and your Doctor. All the employer requires is a prognosis.  That is to know that you where off for a bonafide medical reason and your likely return date, if the medical issue is ongoing. No more no less. Unfortunately some Doctors and some members have chosen to divulge diagnosis with this form, therefore the necessity for the this advisory email.

I have attached a sample of the form that the employer has been asking for.You will notice that most of the queries are yes or no questions. For those that are not yes or no questions understand that the answers in the sample are perfectly acceptable answers in the Union’s eyes. Please feel free to print this email off and take it to your medical appointment if you see fit.

Thank you
Dean Coates
on behalf of the Local 441 executive.