April 21, 2018 General and Special Meeting Notice and Agenda

Greetings, brothers and sisters;

The executive received the following request for a special membership meeting as per section 4(b) of our by-laws:

We the members making this request believe that to hold the by-elections for the positions of president and trustee at the April 21st membership meeting disenfranchises those members performing work for the local at the CUPE BC Convention on the same date.

We, therefore, make a request in accordance with Section 4 b) of our Bylaws to hold a Special Meeting on April 14, 2018 with the following Agenda:

  • By-election for the position of President;
  • By-election of the vacant trustee position;
  • Election of the Local 441 Bargaining Committee;
  • Update on the MSP premium reduction issue.

The executive considered the request to hold the special meeting on April 14th, and voted on it. In the end, the majority of the exec believe that changing the original date of the by-election would ultimately disenfranchise more members who had already made arrangements to attend on April 21st.The original notice was sent out on March 14th.
Therefore, as required by section 4(b), we will hold the special meeting, but not on the requested date. There will be two back to back meetings on April 21st, starting with a special meeting at 10am; the general meeting will follow the special meeting.

This notice contains agendas for the upcoming meetings, both being held on April 21st at the Brentwood Elementary Gym. Click here for the agenda.

I would also like to remind people to take the online survey to help build our case for bargaining for our upcoming contract negotiations:

There are also hard copies of the survey available at most schools; if you can’t find one, ask your shop steward: they can get you a copy.

I hope to see you at these meetings April 21.

In solidarity,
Christine Gaudet, acting president